(Drama CD) My Lovely Size XL (Hashi no XL Size) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) My Lovely Size XL (Hashi no XL Size) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 09/11/2019
◆BL/Yaoi Genre
Catalog Number: FACA-310

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Alternate Cover Art

Popular guy who can't have sex because his dick is too big x Oblivious magnet to men and women

"I'm... big."

Aoi Yamamoto has turned 20 years old, and wants to get his very first girlfriend - but he can't hold his alcohol, so he joins a Japanese sake study group. However, it turns out to be a group of men who are nuts about sake - and Yamamoto gets blind drunk at a short course - and ends up sleeping at the house of a gorgeous guy. The hot guy who had been taking care of him, Kobayashi, is unbelievably popular with women - but according to him, his anaconda-size dick means he is still a virgin. Yamamoto finds himself feeling sympathy for the man...

Aoi Yamamoto: CV. Soma Saito
Tetsuya Kobayashi: CV. Yoshiki Nakajima


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