What payment methods are available?

We only accept payments via PayPal. With a registered PayPal account you can make purchases directly on our site without the need to input your credit card information. Please note that if you select 'bank withdrawal' when making your payment using PayPal, sometimes it takes several days for your bank to accept the transaction. Also, there is a chance that your bank will reject the transaction, in which case we will be unable to ship your items. For these reasons, we recommend selecting 'credit card payment' instead.

How much will my order cost in my country's currency?

We are sorry, but our site deals in Japanese yen. As the exchange rate changes every day, we cannot confirm or guarantee a price in any other currency.

When does payment go through?

Your account will be charged when you place your order.

※Please note that if your order contains pre-order or back-order items, it may take some time for your package to ship even after payment has been confirmed. We ship packages once we have received all the items in your order on our end. Please check product pages to confirm product release dates.

I thought I already paid for my order. Why does it look like my account has been charged again?

The initial PayPal authorization can create two entries in your payment records - one from when you made the authorization, and one from when we captured the funds. This does not represent two separate charges. If you are worried, we suggest you contact your bank first and inquire about the status of the entries. It may be helpful to have the date, amount and your full card number ready to tell them upon request. If they find an issue, please contact us and we will look into it for you.