(Drama CD) Tokyo Transit 3: Ginza - Glass Aristocrat (Garasu no Kikoushi) Yoshimura Tadashi (CV. Takatobi Fukurou) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) Tokyo Transit 3: Ginza - Glass Aristocrat (Garasu no Kikoushi) Yoshimura Tadashi (CV. Takatobi Fukurou) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 04/26/2019
◆Fully recorded via dummy head microphone.
Catalog Number: IQCD-2009

A thrilling love story, set on the streets of Tokyo. Volume three features a romance with your boss that blooms from a fake relationship!

"The highest form of entertainment is obtaining items of value..."

This man is looking for a genuine article. Is this where your true love lies?

"Now, where would you like me to kiss you next?"

You work at a foreign-owned pharmaceutical company. When your boss and secret crush Yoshimura invites you out for a meal, you are surprised but you agree. He takes you to a high class place, and your nerves get worse. When Yoshimura notices and and worries about you, your heart trembles.

"How about we date?"

Through your surprise at Yoshimura's fine quality escorting, you find yourself hopelessly attracted. But as these dreamy dates continue, you begin to worry about Yoshimura's behavior...

01. Sweet Suggestion From Your Boss
02. High Class Fake Couple
03. A Secret Relationship At First
04. In A Room With a Gorgeous Night View
05. Lovers' Proof
06. Trapped, and Trapped Again
07. After the Magic Fades……

≪Character ≫
Tadashi Yoshimura
Yoshimura Tadashi: CV. Takatobi Fukurou
28 years old. 178cm tall. 68kg.
Manager of the General Hospital Division of a foreign-owned pharmaceutical company. An authorized pharmaceutical sales representative, and a qualified pharmacist. Handsome, with a cool atmosphere. The corners of his mouth are always turned up like a smile, which means he doesn't seem cold. He goes to the gym regularly, and is moderately fit without being too thin. Gentlemanly and calm. Treats everyone equally. He is able to stay calm because he doesn't truly get attached to others. As he has been going on dates per invite without settling on a significant other, he has never truly been in love. He loves "genuine articles," and collects valuable paintings, but it's half for investment purposes.

Yoshimura Tadashi: CV. Takatobi Fukurou

(C)2019 アイリスクォーツ

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