(Goods - Uchiwa) Freestyle Uchiwa (Baan Shite/Do A Finger-Gun)

(Goods - Uchiwa) Freestyle Uchiwa (Baan Shite/Do A Finger-Gun)

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Release Date: March 2019 (TBA)

Freestyle Uchiwas are printed with a special message on one side! The other is blank, allowing you to create your own original uchiwa decorated with your fave's name or a unique message!

Make sure to write you're faves name in the space above the text!

※Different events and event halls may have rules regarding uchiwa. Make suer to follow this rules when using this item.

Does this sound like you? "I don't have time to make a special uchiwa! But I want to shout out my fave with a message!" "I'm new to this, so I don't feel confident about making my own uchiwa..." "I want to keep uchiwa costs to a minimum!"

If so, Freestyle Uchiwas are perfect for you!

They're manufactured with matte PP, meaning no flash-back! And, the cutting sheet is easy to peel off if you make a mistake.

◆Size: Approx. 420 x 295mm
◆Materials: Paper, PP

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