(Drama CD) High School Boy's First Time (Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no) after Disc - Together Now! [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) High School Boy's First Time (Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no) after Disc - Together Now! [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 2/05/16
Catalog Number: GNB-1614
Specifications: BL (Yaoi), CD Set of 2 (Regular Edition CD + Limited Edition CD)

Presenting an omnibus drama CD containing continuations of the stories of the three couples from High School Boy's First Time Vol 1 - 3!

"High School Boy's First Time 2nd after Disc - Together Now!" is a special single CD that includes the stories of what happened after these three couples experienced their "firsts." Enjoy the continuation of their love.

Of course, the XXX scenes are uncut! No fade to black! And no BGM!

On top of the regular edition CD, this limited edition comes with three mini dramas featuring even more sweet sex, and three free talks! It's a super special CD.

[Regular Edition CD]
It's February. Not much longer til Valentine's Day. Not much longer til university entrance exams.

And, not much longer til graduation.

[SIDE Kazuki x Yuta]
It's their first Valentine's Day since they became lovers. But?

[SIDE Futami x Shima]
As high schoolers, their age gap is a big deal. Futami is going to graduate soon. What will happen to their relationship?

[SIDE Sanno x Eiichi]
Eiichi's university entrance exams are getting closer. However, something seems off...?

[Limited Edition CD]
■Act.1 - POV!
Kazuki keeps pestering Yuta to... what?? Film a sex tape!?

■Act.2 - Love Maneuver
Futami-sempai and Shima make sweet romantic love in the bath.

■Act.3 - Several Items That Ought ToHave Been Saved Until After Graduation
The curtain closes on their lives as high school students, with desperate sex in the nurse's office...!

≪Character Introductions≫
[Vol. 1 Couple]
■Uke: Yuta Yamabuki (CV. Yuto Suzuki)
1st Year High School Student. Basketball club member. Has good reflexes, but is insecure about his height. A fighter who makes up for his physique with sense and effort. Cheerful and friendly, a baby of the family who is loved by the upperclassmen.

■Seme: Kazuki Aomi (CV. Takuya Satou)
1st Year High School Student. Basketball club up and coming ace. Overly serious and inflexible. Doesn't really show his feelings, but when the dam cracks the words don't stop. A selfish, spoiled brat who nobody understands - except Yuta.

[Vol. 2 Couple]
■Uke: Shima Kawai (CV. Atsushi Tamaru)
1st Year High School Student. Height 176 cm. Up and coming sprinter of the track and field club. He looks cool and detached from it all, but in reality he is very earnest and single minded.

■Seme: Ryusei Futami (CV. Shinnosuke Tachibana)
3rd Year High School Student. Height 178 cm. Former student council president and ace of the track and field team. Prince charming who handles everything with grace and is talented in both the academic and athletic spheres. A popular, flashy type who attracts a lot of attention. He is set to go to medical school upon recommendation.

[Vol. 3 Couple]
■Uke: Eiichi Kitani (CV. Kazuyuki Okitsu)
3rd Year High School Student. Height 176 cm. Former student council vice president. Everyone calls him Eichi-sempai. He has a foul mouth but he's good at taking care of people, and many students rely on him. He and Futami have been best friends since middle school. He lost his father in an accident, and now lives only with his mother and his much younger sister. He is studying his hardest to get into his first choice university, which is the top in the nation.

■Seme: Akihiko Sanno (CV. Ryota Takeuchi)
2nd Year High School Student. Height 182 cm. Former student council treasurer and current president. He is brimming with many talents in both the academic and athletic spheres, but he is the clever type who conserves energy rather than getting passionate about things. He joined the student council late, after being scouted by Eiichi. He sees all the burdens Eiichi carries and thinks he should be a little more sneaky about how he lives his life.

Yuto Suzuki
Takuya Satou
Atsushi Tamaru
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Ryota Takeuchi


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