(Drama CD) Immoral Triangle Case 3: Office Triangle [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Immoral Triangle Case 3: Office Triangle [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 5/10/17
Catalog Number: ANI-1399

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Mini Drama CD (Yusuke Shirai and Taishi Murata to appear)

"Come on, look this way..."

A love triangle between an anime director, a godlike artist, and their production assistant... When the mind says no, but the body says yes... Introducing a dangerous, immoral love triangle BL CD!

"Immoral Triangle" is an original series of BL CDs focused on the theme of love triangles! Please look forward to this rich, stimulating tangle of love between three men!!

Enishi Haitani is a production assistant whose job is to manage the scheduling of the production of an anime, and mediate between popular anime director Ryosuke and genius animator Hazuki. He spends his days defusing fights and urging the two uncooperative creators to get their work done on time, when for some reason... both of them make amorous approaches...!?

Ryosuke Kisaragi: Hiroki Takahashi
Enishi Haitani: Taishi Murata
Hazuki Kobayashi: Yusuke Shirai


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