(Drama CD) Wild Boyfriend (Mousou Kareshi) Series: Wolf Pet (CV. Toshiki Masuda)

(Drama CD) Wild Boyfriend (Mousou Kareshi) Series: Wolf Pet (CV. Toshiki Masuda)

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Release Date: 12/26/16
Catalog Number: R45T-13

≪What is Wild Boyfriend?≫
"I want you to treat me like your pet!"

One day, you ended up with a pet. It was kind of out of the blue, but he was a cutie, so you kept him. Spending time with him means all kinds of exciting things in store for you!!

Pet: an animal kept for mainly companionship or pleasure. Throw that definition in the garbage! This is the story of a pet that does more than simply look cute.

Let these extraordinary "pets" whisper lovely sweet nothings to you and bring new energy to your average day!

Why not begin a life with the ideal pet: a wild boyfriend?

One day, a man by the road suddenly calls out to you. "Hey. Starting today, you're gonna be my owner."

Looking up in confusion, you work out he is a "pet" named Naoya...? He is willful and pushy, but when he opens up, this lone wolf is pure of heart. And so, your life with this unorthodox wolf boyfriend (pet) begins!

"It's not like it's for very long, but whatever. Here we go, Mistress."

Naoya: Toshiki Masuda

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