(Soundtrack) Persona 5 (PS4) Original Soundtrack

(Soundtrack) Persona 5 (PS4) Original Soundtrack

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Release Date: 01/17/17
Catalog Number: LNCM-1175
Specifications: 3 CD Set

On its 20th anniversary, the Persona series received its highly-anticipated fifth main title! And at last, we present to you the original soundtrack that gave life to the world of Persona 5, across three jam-packed discs!

【 Disc-1 】
01. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
02. Phantom
03. dasshutsu (Escape)
04. Life Will Change
05. tousou~taiho (Getaway~Arrest)
06. jinmon shitsu (Interrogation Room)
07. kaisou~anji (Recall~Hint)
08. subete to hito no tamashii no uta (Aria of the Soul)
09. Beneath the Mask -instrumental version-
10. deai (Encounter)
11. isekai e (To Another World)
12. kinpaku (Tension)
13. kakusei (Awakening)
14. Will Power
15. ou to ouhi to dorei (King, Queen, And Slave) -another version-
16. ou to ouhi to dorei (King, Queen, And Slave)
17. Last Surprise
18. Talk
19. shouri (Victory)
20. Tokyo Emergency
21. kokuhaku/himitsu (Confession/Secret)
22. kokuhaku/himitsu (Confession/Secret) -piano version-
23. Layer Cake
24. Life Will Change -instrumental version-
25. Blood of Villain
26. Blooming Villain
27. Regret
28. shikiyoku no houkai (Collapse of Lust)
29. Beneath the Mask
30. owaranai hibi (Endless Days)
31. Star Forneus
32. Punch Ouch
33. akataro tetsudou (Akataro Railway)
34. gochitera ichimi (Power Instinct)
35. hattare goemon (Legend of Gambla Goemon)
36. Professional Golfer Sarutahiko

【 Disc-2 】
01. Tokyo Daylight
02. Butterfly Kiss
03. Mementos
04. Have a Short Rest
05. Suspicious Person
06. My Homie
07. Wicked Plan
08. A Woman
09. A Woman -another version-
10. Sunset Bridge
11. Days of Sisters
12. Beneath the Mask -rain-
13. BAR Newcomer
14. giwaku (Suspicion)
15. High Pressure
16. Price
17. Price -another version-
18. Keeper of Lust
19. Life Goes On
20. natsu no hi no omoide (Memories of a Summer Day)
21. shakunetsu no sabaku wo yuku (Going Through the Scorching Desert)
22. haha no ita hibi (When Mother Was There) -another version-
23. haha no ita hibi (When Mother Was There)
24. Alleycat
25. fundo no houkai (The Collapse of Wrath)
26. Alright -elp version-
27. New Beginning
28. Hawaii
29. Alright
30. Break it Down -elp version-
31. The Spirit
32. What's Going On?
33. Sweet
34. Big Bang Burger March
36. Crane Game
37. Planetarium
38. ieden ryouhanten (Home Electronics Store)
39. okaerinasaimase! goshujinsama? (Welcome Home, Master?)
40. sange no ojikan (Time to Repent)
41. Destiny Land
42. yami netto tanaka (Tanaka's Shady Commodities)

【 Disc-3 】
01. Beneath the Mask -rain, instrumental version-
02. Break it Down
03. tsumaranai (So Boring)
04. haijin (Mental Shutdown)
05. Sweatshop
06. Sweatshop -another version-
08. housou jiko (Accident On-Air)
09. fuon (Disquiet)
10. The Whims of Fate
11. dasshutsu (Escape) -another version-
12. ousou (Getaway) -another version-
13. Betrayer
14. Nothingness...?
15. Trick
16. sokoshirenu gouman (Bottomless Pride)
17. hakobune (Ark)
18. jiki souri no funaji ni sasageru sokkyouyoku (Impromptu for the Next Prime Minister)
19. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There -instrumental version-
20. Rivers In the Desert -instrumental version-
21. yokubou (Lust)
22. Rivers In the Desert
23. gouman no houkai (The Collapse of Pride)
24. jiyuu to anshin (Freedom and Peace)
25. Erosion
26. taiji (Confrontation)
27. Jaldabaoth
28. Swear to My Bones
29. Our Beginning
30. hoshi to bokura to -piano version-
31. hoshi to bokura to
32. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There -opening movie version-

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