(Character Song) PRIME☆STAR: top of the world by PRIME☆STAR7

(Character Song) PRIME☆STAR: top of the world by PRIME☆STAR7

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Release Date: 1/27/2017
Catalog Number: PRST-1

For Nakano Broadway's 50th anniversary, a new 2.75-dimension project set inside Nakano Broadway, "PRIME☆STAR!", will begin!

PRIME☆STAR7 are a group of high school boys who sing and dance for the sake of Nakano, and for the sake of Japan. They may look like ordinary high school boys, but they are actually... Prime Ministers!?

With the power of their cabinets and the raising of voter turnout, their aim is to raise the GDP! Capturing the hearts of the people on the National Diet Broadcast, they aim to be the best Prime Ministers in the world! And now the curtains will be drawn back to reveal their daily lives...!!

Their eagerly awaited first single "top of the world" is out now!!

01. top of the world
02. top of the world -off vocal-
03. Self-introduction: Taiga Tukishiro
04. Address: Taiga Tukishiro
05. Self-introduction: Yoshino Hiyama
06. Address: Yoshino Hiyama
07. Self-introduction: Masataka Takashimizu
08. Address: Masataka Takashimizu
09. Self-introduction: Rei Kashiwagi
10. Address: Rei Kashiwagi
11. Self-introduction: Rikuto Shirokane
12. Address: Rikuto Shirokane
13. Self-introduction: Makoto Tsuchiya
14. Address: Makoto Tsuchiya
15. Self-introduction: Yutaka Hino
16. Address: Yutaka Hino

Taiga Tukishiro: Masahiro Kawai
Yoshino Hiyama: Ryo Kobayashi
Masataka Takashimizu: Kaiki Oohara
Rei Kashiwagi: Taiki Yamazaki
Rikuto Shirokane: Yuki Torigoe
Makoto Tsuchiya: Yuuya Miyamoto
Yutaka Hino: Keita Seto

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