(Album) Innocent Flower by Inori Minase [w/ Blu-ray, Limited Edition]

(Album) Innocent Flower by Inori Minase [w/ Blu-ray, Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 4/5/2017
Specification: CD + Blu-ray_x000D__x000D_
Catalog Number: KICS-93477

Popular voice actress Inori Minase's eagerly awaited first album now on sale! Nine new tracks are included in this splendid CD!!

Inori Minase, who is now gaining a lot of attention as a voice actress, made her debut as an artist on on her 20th birthday, December 2 2015.

Her third single "Starry Wish," which included her first anime tie-in track and re-released November 2016, took 8th place on the Oricon Singles Weekly Chart. In the middle of gaining attention for recording her highest sales yet, she is set to release her eagerly awaited first album!!

It includes, of course, her debut single "Yume no Tsubomi," her second single "harmony ribbon," and her third single "Starry Wish," plus nine new songs for a total of twelve tracks.

【 CD 】
01. Haruzora
Lyrics: Eiko / Composition, Arrangement: Chell Watanabe 

02. Yume no Tsubomi
Lyrics: Eiko / Composition, Arrangement: Chell Watanabe 

03. Lucky Clover
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Yusuke Shirato 

04. Koiseyo Otome
Lyrics, Composition: Shibori / Arrangement: Shinya Saito

05. Namida no Ato wa
Lyrics: Kohei Tsukada / Composition, Arrangement: Kohei Tsukada

06. Itsumo Zutto
Lyrics: Shin Furuya / Composition, Arrangement: Yusuke Kato

07. Starry Wish
★ViVid Strike! TV Anime Series ED
Lyrics: nozomi / Composition: KOUGA & nozomi / Arrangement: KOUGA

08. Will
Lyrics: Takayuki Fujiwara / Composition: Yuu Nakano / Arrangement: Naoya Endo

09. Hoshikuzu no Contrail
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Ryotaro Fujinaga (Elements Garden) 

10. Tabi no Tochuu
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Show Aratame

11. harmony ribbon
Lyrics: Shinya Tada / Composition: Shinya Tada / Arrangement: Masaya Suzuki

12. Innocent Flower
Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi / Composition, Arrangement: KOUGA

【 Blu-ray 】
The music videos of:
♪. Yume no Tsubomi
♪. harmony ribbon
♪. Starry Wish
♪. Haruzora

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