(Drama CD) mariage Vol.1 - Minegishi Tatsumi (C.V. Girigi Lee) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) mariage Vol.1 - Minegishi Tatsumi (C.V. Girigi Lee) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date:3/29/17

Recorded by Dummy head mic

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Bonus CD "Honeymoon Zenya"

Right now... we are more than lovers, but less than a wedded pair.

This is a marriage love story that depicts the days of a couple as they wait for their wedding, from the preparation beforehand to the aftermath. Please enjoy the full gamut of thrill, nerves, rush and amorousness as you spend sweet time together.

After today, we will be together forever. We'll never have to say those difficult goodbyes again.

You met your boyfriend at a mixer a hear and a half ago. After the topic of cooking came up, you started going out together as "dinner buddies." It didn't seem to be going anywhere, but his tenacity and kindness led you to at last become lovers about a year ago. In only a few weeks you will become his bride, and your head is full of everything that has happened so far and everything yet to come...

01. Three Weeks Til the Ceremony~He Is Currently On a Tour
02. One Week Til the Ceremony~Your Popular Boyfriend Feels a Tinge of Doubt!?
03. Three Days Til the Ceremony~Re-arranging Things With Him
04. The Night Before the Ceremony~Your Shared Desires
05. The Day of the Ceremony~The Happenings of Right Before the Ceremony
06. The First Night
07. Afterwards

≪Character Introduction≫
Tatsumi Minegishi, 29 years old.
Tour conductor. He spends the second half of each month off taking tours. His hobby is looking for delicious foods while travelling. As his job suggests he has great communication skills, and he has a cheerful personality and likes people.

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