(Drama CD) Aizoku Blood Birth vol. IV - Yasusada Konoe (C.V. Hatoman Gunso)

(Drama CD) Aizoku Blood Birth vol. IV - Yasusada Konoe (C.V. Hatoman Gunso)

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Release Date:9/5/17
Binaural recording

Catalog number: NINO-123

First an app, then a comic... and now this highly popular Japanese-Gothic x Vampire story is a situation CD for adult ladies!

Fated love: a tainted, blood-stained contract...

From NiNO, the women-oriented romance genre branch of Ninoya, Inc., comes a new sensual situation CD series!

You, one of the "Lilith" line, have joined the generations-old demon hunting Shichike (Seven Houses) as a "Genji."

What lies in wait there are elite vampires chosen by each house. You have chosen one from among them to be your mate...

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

≪Yasusada Konoe≫
Top criminal investigator. Reticent, cool and blunt, but actually very caring. Your older brother's childhood friend, you played together when you were little.

≪What is Aizoku Blood Birth?≫
A Japanese-Gothic x Vampire themed franchise for women. A smartphone game for iPhone and Android, in-service now, precedes these situation CDs. What's more, a special comic adaptation drawn by the same artist as the games is available now from B's-LOG COMICS. These top-quality vampire situation CDs are made especially for adult ladies. Recorded entirely with 3Dio binaural microphones.

Hatoman Gunso

(C)2017 Ninoya, Inc.

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