(Album) Shoose Case by Shoose [Limited Edition]

(Album) Shoose Case by Shoose [Limited Edition]

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Release Date:5/17/17

Catalog number: QWCE-634

The road we have walked. The place we are moving towards.

The second album by popular bass-voiced utaite Shoose is finally set for release! This time, with the uniting concept of a "stylish and adult atmosphere," he puts his fascinating talent into popular songs such as "Masked bitcH," "Gossip," "PiNK CAT" and more.

Including especially written music brought to you by an amazing lineup of Vocaloid producers: Asa, OSTER project, KANON69, halyosy, and mikito! 16 tracks in total including bonus tracks!

♪. Kokoro Tokaiu Namae No Mihakken No Zouki No Kinou Nitsuite No Kousatsu (Consideration on the Undiscovered Organ under the Name of Heart)
music & lyrics: adstlaxy

music: toku lyrics: MARiA

♪. Yoshiwara Lament (feat. Yuichiro Umehara)
music & lyrics: Asa

♪. Gekko Junshoku Girl (Moonlight Embellishment Girl)
music & lyrics: Reruriri

♪. Yosogoto (Another's Affair)
music & lyrics: Nio

♪. Gossip
music & lyrics: OSTER project

♪. Cold Hand
music & lyrics: Live-P

music & lyrics: Patirchev

♪. Masked bitcH
music: Giga lyrics: q*Left

♪. Especially written track by halyosy

♪. Especially written track by KANON69

♪. Especially written track by OSTER project

♪. Especially written track by mikito

♪. Especially written track by Asa

[Limited Edition Bonus Tracks]
♪. Honey Bee
music & lyrics: halyosy

♪. Gokuraku Jodo
music: toku lyrics: MARiA

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