(Album) A3! Game - Mini Album A3! First SUMMER EP

(Album) A3! Game - Mini Album A3! First SUMMER EP

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Release Date:5/17/17

Catalog number: PCCG-1602

(C)Liber Entertainment Inc.

Here we have a mini album featuring the Summer Unit of "A3!" - the game where you get to raise hot actors!

The cover art has been especially drawn by super popular illustrator Ryou Fujiwara! This CD is a collection of music by the Summer Unit used in-game!


01. Oresama☆Natsu summer (It's Ya Boys☆Summer)
by the Summer Unit (Tenma Sumeragi, Yuki Rurikawa, Muku Sakisaka, Misumi Ikaruga and Kazunari Miyoshi, voiced by Eguchi Takuya, Toki Shunichi, Yamaya Yoshitaka, Hirose Daisuke and Ozawa Ren)
☆Summer Unit Theme Song

02. Rakuen Oasis (Paradise Oasis)
by Ali Baba & Scheherazade (Tenma Sumeragi and Yuki Rurikawa, voiced by Eguchi Takuya and Toki Shunichi)
☆Summer Unit Launch Event Song

03. Natsu no Dilemma (Summer Dilemma)
by Tenma Sumeragi (voiced by Eguchi Takuya)
☆Tenma Sumeragi's Character Song

by Yuki Rurikawa (voiced by Toki Shunichi)
☆Yuki Rurikawa's Character Song

05. Oresama☆Natsu summer (It's Ya Boys☆Summer (Instrumental)
06. Rakuen Oasis (Paradise Oasis) (Instrumental)
07. Natsu no Dilemma (Summer Dilemma) (Instrumental)
08. MINORITY (Instrumental)

≪What Is A3?≫

A3! (ACT! ADDICT! ACTORS!) is a well-received “ikemen (hottie) raising” game by Liber Entertainment currently available for iOS and Android.

In Japan, over 18,000 people preregistered in the 24 hours before release, and (as of Jan 2017) the official Twitter has over 65,000 followers! This is a title that is grabbing a lot of attention.

With such selling points as a huge line-up of 20 hotties appearing, a gorgeous fully voiced main story, and loads of specially-written music with vocals, it’s a game in which you work to bring the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Unit hotties who are still mere buds to full bloom on the stage.


"Director! Please... help us bloom!"

In Birodo, a town on the outskirts of Tokyo, there is an avenue where many theatrical companies base themselves known as Broadway: a holy ground for actors. You are a former actress who has arrived here after receiving one sudden letter. And you find... Steeped in debt! No audience! Only one actor! A rag-tag, run-down theatrical company who has lost its former glory! Under these odd circumstances, it becomes your job to resurrect this company, and you are entrusted with the task of becoming their general manager...

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