(Drama CD) Beat#Mix vol.1 (CV. Mikado Sumeragi) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) Beat#Mix vol.1 (CV. Mikado Sumeragi) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date:6/16/17

-Recommended +18
-Recorded by Dummy head mic

Catalog number: BR-85

Introducing the newest CD series from the BlackButterfly label: Beat♯Mix.

Everyone shows different sides at different times, and idols are no different: these titles tell a variety of love stories about glittering, shining, lady-killing idols, with a spotlight on the "gap" between that persona and their private selves.

Beat♯Mix focuses on a 4-man idol unit called Feignkit. Thanks to the power of the dummy head microphone recording, you can sensually experience their public and private sides in these situation CDs for adult women.

≪Character Introduction≫
【Kouya Hozumi】
Perpetually energetic. Bright and cheerful personality. He isn't very different from his idol persona even in private, but there is a side to him that wants to always be on his girlfriend's mind.

Mikado Sumeragi


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