(Drama CD) The Nature of Our Relationship (Otsukiai no Katachi) - Kei Yagihara (CV. Sei Amano) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) The Nature of Our Relationship (Otsukiai no Katachi) - Kei Yagihara (CV. Sei Amano) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 5/26/17
◆Recorded with dummy head mic
◆18+ Recommended

animate Limited Edition Bonus CD: "The Proper Use of an Obishime Sash Cord"

A situation CD depicting the clumsy love of a brand-new couple, for adult women!!

You're now in a relationship with that certain someone you always liked...

Our lives are filled with commonplace relationships... friends, coworkers, seniors, juniors... and among them, there's one who has caught your eye. One day, he asks you out, and your relationship transforms into that of lovers.

"The Nature of Our Relationship" is a series of situation CDs depicting the day-to-day lives of couples who began to date from a scenario like that, clumsy in their brand-new love.

Enjoy the story of the two of you slowly closing the distance between yourselves, fully recorded via dummy head mic.

You harbor unrequited feelings for Kei, the teacher of your calligraphy course. You tell him how you feel one time, but due to your respective positions, he is unable to return your feelings. Six months later, when you graduate from your calligraphy course, you end up in a relationship with Kei. You thought he was calm and restrained, but now that you've begun dating, it seems like his feelings for you are uncontrollable...

≪Character Introduction≫
【Kei Yagihara】
174cm tall, 25 yeas old. Calligrapher.
Working as a calligraphy teacher at a cultural school. Even in front of his girlfriend he uses polite language and keeps his calm demeanor, but another side to him comes out when that special mood for passion overtakes him.

Sei Amano


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