(Album) Reflexión by luz [Regular Edition]

(Album) Reflexión by luz [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 2017/06/28
Catalog number: QWCE-80004

One year and eight months have passed since the release of his last work, Labyrinth, which reached third place on the Oricon Weekly Ranking charts.

After the success of his first one-man live tour, and having scaled-up for the XYZ TOUR he himself supervised, luz is standing on a brand-new stage at last!

"Luz is a light that reflects a spectrum of qualities to you."

This is an album of completely original music.

The contributing songwriters are a lineup of wonderful artists such as Mafumafu, who he is close with even in his private life, 164, KANON69, Toshiyuki Kishi, DECO*27, buzzG, and Shota Horie!

What's more, a track composed especially by 164 features the very first lyrics contributed by luz himself.

The regular edition also comes with a 32 page full-cut exclusive photo book!!

Lyrics/Composition: Mafumafu

♪. R-18
Lyrics/Composition: KANON69

♪. Beast in the Beauty [Reflexion ver.]
Lyrics/Composition: KANON69

♪. Specially written track by DECO*27

♪. Specially written track by buzzG

♪. Specially written track by KANON69

♪. Specially written track by Shota Horie

♪. Specially written track by Toshiyuki Kishi

♪. Specially written track by 164
Lyrics: luz

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