(Drama CD) Gourmet no Fukurami (The Gourmet's Bulge) Drama CD

(Drama CD) Gourmet no Fukurami (The Gourmet's Bulge) Drama CD

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Release Date: 7/26/17
Catalog number: MBRC-7

This man has an unconventional problem.

It feels good to devour. It feels good to be devoured. A blinding craving... for a forbidden flavor ♪

Naemura is a salaryman worried over an innate predisposition of his: when he consumes calories, he gets hard between his legs. He submits himself as a test subject to a questionable researcher named Kaiyama, in an effort to improve his predisposition.

In the meantime, the handsome son of the company president named Shiga ends up seeing the chastity belt Naemura wears to keep down his erections - and they end up in a rather compromising situation...!

You won't be able to tear yourself away from this strange romantic comedy for even a moment. Jake Akahoshi's hit manga, now in drama CD form!

Yusuke Shirai
Takuya Satou
Nobuo Tobita
Yusuke Kobayashi

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