(Drama CD) Sweet x Sweet - Yuuto Kuranuki (CV.Kakeru Yunomachi) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) Sweet x Sweet - Yuuto Kuranuki (CV.Kakeru Yunomachi) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date:6/23/17
Catalog number: APRC-527

Kuranuki Yuuto , your grad student boyfriend who researches drug manufacturing, has been by your side ever since you were little, like a big brother. Throughout the years you secretly crushed on him and even once you began dating, Yuuto has always poked his nose into your business and spoiled you like a heroic older brother. When you move out to live by yourself, one day Yuuto comes to stay the night... For your first sleepover, let your beloved boyfriend pamper you even more than usual, nice and slow for one night...

1. I'm Home, Princess
2. First Sleepover
3. After A Bath
4. On The Sofa
5. On The Bed
6. Show Me More
7. Let Me In Slow
8. Always By Your Side...

≪Character Introduction≫
Kuranuki Yuuto
Height: 177cm
Age: 25
Your boyfriend. Has been like a big brother to you since childhood. A graduate student at a pharmaceutical college, he is researching drug manufacturing. Loves poking his nose into your business. Sometimes as a joke he calls you by a nickname leftover from a game you played as kids - "Princess."

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