(Drama CD) Corpse†Heart 6th Night - Aaron (CV. Yuuki Ono)

(Drama CD) Corpse†Heart 6th Night - Aaron (CV. Yuuki Ono)

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Release Date: 12/27/17
Catalog number: REC-710

Your boyfriend is... already dead.

Presenting a very curious musical woven around the dead "corpse" princes who have gathered at Unknown School - midnight academy of the dark arts.

Unknown School is a midnight academy of the dark arts situated in the United Kingdom. At this school, where the motto is "death is only the beginning," all sorts of dead "corpses" gather.

Ghouls, liches, mummies, wraiths...

They are after only one thing: the "jewel heart" held only by the Unknown Princess. It is said that whoever holds her quivering jewel heart in the palm of their hand can join the world of the living once more.

And now, the time to hunt the princess, the once-a-year "Easter" season, has arrived, and these corpse princes are about to begin to fight... for your heart.

♪. Musical Track
♪. Corpse Track
♪. DHM Situation Drama

※Includes two vocal tracks featuring the same music with different lyrics: "Musical ver. (Short Size) and "Corpse ver. (Full Size)

≪Character Introduction≫
【Aaron CV. Yuuki Ono】
Corpse Type: Necromancer
Personality: Blond, Slow-moving, Older Twin
Grade: Year 3 at Unknown School of Dark Arts
Age: 774 (18)
Height: 183cm Weight: 65kg Blood Type: O
The son of the director of the board who controls Unknown School of Dark Arts. The corpses all bow down to him.

An elite necromancer who has revived many people, he is the main character's older twin brother.

His goal is to become a corpse himself, and go to the land of the dead. He is the oldest Ghoul.

His Mortal Mimic form is an owl.

※Mortal Mimic: a container that holds a dead being's soul in our world, many of which take the form of animals. Their shape depends on the character and their soul's personality.

Aaron: Yuuki Ono

(C)2017 Rejet

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