(Drama CD) The Ultimate DOLLS (Shuukyoku no DOLLS) Vol.1 Noah (CV. Yuuki Kaji)

(Drama CD) The Ultimate DOLLS (Shuukyoku no DOLLS) Vol.1 Noah (CV. Yuuki Kaji)

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Release Date: 07/26/17
Catalog number: REC-711

Coppélia - a magical puppet show from a foreign land, starring exquisite dolls.

At first, the show boasts immense popularity. However, an ominous rumor begins to spread across town: within days of seeing the show, women are vanishing into thin air.

Despite this, when a friend invites you along to see the puppet show, you go. There, you receive an unexpected gift from the troupe master, Bellemere: a set of Sterne Dolls (Star Dolls), so realistic that they seem alive.

That night, you are only asleep for a few hours when you are awakened by a disembodied, accursed voice.

"Mistress, please wake up..."

It's you and the mysterious dolls: thus begins your love story.

Situation CD, fully recorded using a dummy head microphone.

≪Your DOLLS≫
These dolls gain souls upon receiving love from humans. Show them affection, and within seven days, your own soul is cursed to vanish - absorbed by the dolls - and you yourself will become a puppet. Up until now, they have sucked up the souls of and dollified many women. They are under orders from the master of troupe Coppélia to place their curse on human beings.

【Century Beauty French Automaton: Noah of Sapphire CV. Yuuki Kaji】
Personality: Idol, ruthless, wants to be loved, malicious, ill-tempered
Personal Pronoun: "Ore"
Calls You: "Kimi"
Age: 20
Height: 170 cm
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Mozzarella Cheese
Likes: Cameras
Dislikes: People swarming around him, fan letters, presents

One of the Sterne Dolls of Coppélia. A mechanical doll from France (Automaton). Once upon a time, the daughter of a king wished for the most beautiful son in all the land - and so a century was spent building him, the closest thing possible to her delusional desire. When his original owners fell into ruin, they sold him to Coppélia for an extraordinary sum.

Perhaps thanks to the narrow-minded love he has received, he cannot tolerate normal affection. He has a bad habit of looking down on others, and at times sees people as nothing but tools. He had thought that you, too, were nothing but his next toy, but...

Yuuki Kaji

(C)2017 Rejet

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