(Drama CD) Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Drama CD - Chapter 2

(Drama CD) Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Drama CD - Chapter 2

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Release Date: 6/28/17
Specifications: CD+Exclusive Cover Art
Catalog Number: FFCP-30

The long-awaited second "Corpse Party 2" drama CD!

"The light is your weapon -- fight the darkness."

The setting is no longer an abandoned school - welcome to hospital. And the curse has twisted into an even darker abyss! Can you make it out of the hospital alive...?

"Corpse Party" is an unwaveringly popular hair-raising masterpiece confinement-horror/adventure game, with a clever scenario and directing that drags players into its world of terror, that has even received console remakes. The latest title in the series, "Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient," has inspired a drama CD series - and volume two is set for release!

This drama CD features an original story especially written by Sakiya Kamishiro, with Makoto Kedoin from the original game developer team Grindhouse providing complete supervision!

It's been five years since Ayumi Shinozaki sealed Heavenly Host Elementary School...

Satoshi Mochida, a survivor, found himself on the brink of being swallowed into yet another abominable incident. So, in order to find Ayumi, Satoshi and his friends, as well as Yoshiki Kishinuma, who had been separated from them forever, are now...

The connection between "Corpse Party: Blood Drive" and "Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient" is brought even further into the light! Just as interesting as the original works, a new compelling corner of the world of "Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient" unfolds!

What's more, Vol. 2 will also include another segment of the super popular radio program-style talk. This uproariously funny talk with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Tomokazu Sugita, Hiro Shimono and Yuichi Nakamura is a must-listen! You'll be in stitches! With the drama as well as the radio-style talk, this CD is jam-packed with content!

The cover art was drawn especially by character designer Sakiya Kamishiro!!

(C)2017 Team GrisGris / GrindHouse ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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