(Drama CD) AKIBA SAGA NOVEL: Shinriki Idol Miyabino Sisters

(Drama CD) AKIBA SAGA NOVEL: Shinriki Idol Miyabino Sisters

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Release Date: 6/28/17
Catalog Number: FDWC-2

New drama CD label launches right out of Akihabara!

Introducing the second work produced by Five Design Works new audio drama label AKIBA SAGA NOVEL: "Shinriki Idol Miyabino Sisters!"

Psychic beauties duke it out! The idol group "Miyabino Sisters" battles an evil organization in this psychic pop action story! The talented Sonosuke Kita's novel "Shinriki Idol Miyabino Sisters" has been re-imagined as a drama CD with a gorgeous cast!!

Mana Kibune is in her second year of middle school when she goes to an audition hall to help out a classmate who made it to the final selection round of an idol unit, "Miyabino Sisters." However, she herself ends up scouted right then and there! To Mana, who loves idols, this is the chance of a lifetime! In her excitement Mana barely has time for a backwards glance at her rejected classmate, but she soon learns that behind the formation of the group is an unimaginable secret...

≪Included Episodes≫
Episode 1 - Mysterious Power
Episode 2 - Birth of the Sisters
Episode 3 - P-size Ambitions
Episode 4 - Awakening

Mana Kibune: Sora Tokui
Haruka Yasaka: Natsuko Hara
Akemi Saruta:Sarara Yashima
Shoko Kashima: Moa Tsukino

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