(Drama CD) Otodoke Kareshi Vol.2 Aoi Toujou (CV.Tomoaki Maeno)

(Drama CD) Otodoke Kareshi Vol.2 Aoi Toujou (CV.Tomoaki Maeno)

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Release Date: 08/23/17
Catalog number: XFCD-18

"We proudly deliver to you your ideal boyfriend."

Spend seven fateful days with an ""ideal boyfriend"" delivered to you by BLOSSOM, a business that provides a lover dispatch service...

Introducing the "Boyfriend Delivery" character CD series, set for release once a month for six months starting July 26 2017!

Featuring gorgeous, atmospheric artwork by China Kojima, an artist who focuses on comics for women, and a scenario by Ao Haruhi, who has worked on many app games for women.

What's more, the voice of many Otomate title theme songs Kaori Oda has provided "Stole My Heart," with lyrics any girl can't help but relate to and a beat that will get you fired up - a cheerleading chant for girls in love!

Within the time limit, the "ideal boyfriend" dispatched to you serves you to the fullest as your lover. These fascinating six men, each a different type, create for you a unique scenario as your meltingly sweet lover.

What's more, each character is only acting the part of an "ideal boyfriend" as a job... and in reality, they are completely different on the inside! Enjoy the hilarious gap between their two faces - the fake ideal, and reality!

From an ideal.... to true love. Won't you experience it for yourself?

The moment you come to understand both sides of him - the ideal (fake) and the genuine (real) - love awakens...

"A pleasure to meet you. Thank you for making a booking! Your week begins today. I am looking forward to it."

You are living an ordinary life, until all of a sudden a beautiful man comes to visit. But try as you may, you have no recollection of him...

Confused, you ask the man who he is, and he says in surprise, "I was dispatched here by BLOSSOM. You did make a booking, right? You booked me?"

He tells you he is an employee of BLOSSOM, a business that provides a lover dispatch service to female customers all over the world. BLOSSOM allows customers to order an "ideal man" to borrow as their lover for one week.

You don't remember booking anything like that, so you try to send him away, but... thanks to a series of unfortunate events... in the end, you have to spend a week with this man as your lover after all!

There is only one rule you must obey regarding how you use him: you must not fall in true love with the man dispatched to you.

And so, you begin one week of pseudo-love with a strange man...!

≪Character Introduction≫
【Vol.3 Aoi Tojo CV. Tomoaki Maeno】
"I think you're really... charming. I like that. About you."

Boyfriend Delivery: Cool Silent Type x Needy
True Nature: Hyperactive chatterbox

The contrast between his cool, fine features and his needy personality is a selling point that wins him great popularity with older women. Despite being sold as a quiet needy type, deep inside, he has a quirk - he can't settle down if he isn't babbling away. He's an entertainer who loves to make people laugh. He usually tries desperately not to let his true self show, but if the topic turns to his favorite games, he changes completely.

Aoi Tojo: Tomoaki Maeno



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