(Doujin CD) Will O Wisp by ARAKI & nqrse

(Doujin CD) Will O Wisp by ARAKI & nqrse

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Release Date: 09/01/17

Time: the Heisei era. Waking up at 4:30AM for hard training. Flawlessly handling an extraordinary amount of work, then bathing under a cold waterfall. Facing the mountains and letting out a roar.

Araki, a singer as superior as those really cool metaphors, and Peanut Oji-san, a man whose hands know no stopping once one peanut has gone in his mouth, a.k.a. the mutant rapper born of laziness, a.k.a. nqrse, happened to hit it off.

"Hey, why don't we release an album..."

And thus, this pop/punk/rock/EDM/rap... all kinds of genres... CD was born!

Just like the titular "Will O Wisp," their powerful singing and rapping will lure you deep into a swamp. Wander your way through these ten tracks to your heart's content.

02. Will O Wisp
03. Internet Disco
05. Heather
06. Discord
07. Intrusion
09. The North Wind and the Sun,
10. Shooting Star

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