(Doujin CD) Kuusou Sentimental by Shooaisu

(Doujin CD) Kuusou Sentimental by Shooaisu

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Release Date:8/24/17

The second album by Shoose and Aisu is finally here! Contains tracks you won't hear anywhere else, as well as a 40 minute long bonus track!

01. Instrumental: Kuusou by AisU
02. Eh? Aa, sou by papiyon feat. Shooaisu
03. Ame to Petora by Balloon feat. Aisu
04. Teikoku Shoujo by R Sound Design feat. Shoose
05. Alien Alien by Nayutan Seijin feat. Shooaisu
06. Ikki Tousen by Umetora feat. Shooaisu
07. Rakugaki no Kakushikata by Mafumafu feat. Aisu
08. Jougen no Tsuki by Kurousa feat. Shoose
09. Fragile / Nuyuri feat. Shooaisu
10. Bonus Track: Shooaisu Q&A

Vocals: Shoose, Aisu
Cover Art: Kashiba
Art Design: Tony
Mix Engineer: Mimy
Special Thanks: Makoto, Subasu

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