(Drama CD) mariage Vol.3 - Kai Tsukimura (CV. Hiruma Mahiru) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) mariage Vol.3 - Kai Tsukimura (CV. Hiruma Mahiru) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date:29/11/2017

◆18+ recommended
◆Fully recorded using dummy head mircophone

Catalog Number: TBCCD-21

Right now... we are more than lovers, but less than a wedded pair.

This is a love story about marriage, following you and your man as you prepare for your wedding all the way until the aftermath. Please enjoy the full gamut of thrill, nerves, rush and amorousness as you spend sweet time together.

One year ago, Kai walked into your family's flower shop, where you work. He had moved back to your neighborhood because of work, and your old connection came back to life. Dating him felt easy and comfortable, what with the two of you having been childhood friends, and your feelings only deepened. In no time at all, the two of you realized you couldn't live without each other.

You are a floral designer, so you decide to make your bouquet and boutonniere from flowers Kai picks. Clasping your "bonds" and your "faith" in your hands, the time for you to finally set out together approaches...

"I'll be a proper husband, don't worry. Come with me."

1. One Month til the Ceremony~Making Sweets at Midnight
2. One Month til the Ceremony~Rubber Duck Blushing in the Bathroom
3. One Week til the Ceremony~Scenery by the Schoolyard
4. The Night Before the Ceremony~The Meaning in the Language of Flowers
5. The Day of the Ceremony~10101?
6. The First Night
7. Afterwards

≪Character Introduction≫
Kai Tsukimura, age 23. Works for a company that manufactures office equipment. Currently living with you. Still calls you by his childhood nickname for you, "On-chan" (from Onee-chan, meaning big sister). Lived in your neighborhood until elementary school grade 4, when he moved schools. You were in charge of walking all the kids from your neighborhood to school together safely, and he looked up to you dearly.

Hiruma Mahiru

(C)Tunaboni Collections

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