(Drama CD) More Things I want to Do With Him In Bed (Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Motto) - Morinaga Kairi & Kuroe Yoshihiro (CV.Tetrapod Noboru & Kotei) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) More Things I want to Do With Him In Bed (Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Motto) - Morinaga Kairi & Kuroe Yoshihiro (CV.Tetrapod Noboru & Kotei) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date:27/10/2017
◆18+ recommended

animate Limited Bonus: Bonus CD - Will I Fit? (CV. Tetrapod Noboru)
The two of you try out the bath in Kairi's new house for the first time. But, it's much smaller than the one at your parents' house, and the two of you struggle. Determined to share a bath with you no matter what, Kairi decides on a tactic...

Presenting the fourth fan disc for the super sweet "Things In Bed"!!

These fan discs feature stories set after the events of "Everything I want to Do With Him In Bed."

Volume 4 features two huge sections on one disc: one for you and your newly employed and independent step brother and boyfriend Morinaga Kairi (CV. Tetrapod Noboru)... and one for you and your romantic live-in boyfriend Kuroe Yoshihiro (CV. Kotei).

Your lives are nothing extraordinary, but the time you spend together is special to the both of you - and you can experience the deeply loving time you spend together in bed fully recorded via dummy head microphone.

What's more, instead of the sleeping sounds track from "Everything In Bed," we have included a bonus track: "Squeezing In Between Two Sleepy Boys For Some Pampering."

[Morinaga Kairi After Story Section]
Kairi graduated, found a job, and started living on his own. You are about to stay the night for the first time, and the different environment has the two of you somewhat off balance and awkward...

[Kuroe Yoshihiro After Story Section]
You and Yoshihiro are now living together. Tired from moving, you take a nap - and wake up to find Yoshihiro affectionately watching over you. Your first night living together draws near...

≪Character Introductions≫
■Morinaga Kairi CV. Tetrapod Noboru
Height: 178cm Age: 23
Your boyfriend. Also your step-brother, from your parents' second marriage. He was your senior in Junior High School, and your first love. You'd been living together until now, but he just moved out, having started working.

■Kuroe Yoshihiro CV. Kotei
Height: 176cm Age: 25 Florist
Your boyfriend. A romantic. Believes the two of you were destined to meet. You recently moved in together.

※Each character's section features a separate setting and plot (the two male characters do not appear together.)
※Only in the bonus track, which is an alternate universe, do the two male characters appear together.
※The bonus track is an omake. It is short and involves you half-asleep and getting pampered.


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