(Drama CD) Gentle Paradise: Episode Aer (Yasashii Rakuen Aaeeru no Shou) (CV. Kuki Masaru) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Gentle Paradise: Episode Aer (Yasashii Rakuen Aaeeru no Shou) (CV. Kuki Masaru) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 01/26/2018

◆Fully recorded using dummy head microphone

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Bonus CD - The One Named Beloved
Gilgames decides to decorate you in all the jewels in his hoard. Three particular ornaments that hide certain areas become an unbearable tease... and his lust is awoken with new vigor as you shine even brighter... and then...

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When you come to me, the piercing glittering in your split tongue is so beautiful. Your smoldering horns are not hot to the touch, set off by the color of your hair. But I am embarrassed by the sounds you draw from me as your tongue explores my skin, and I beg for it to be a dream. I want to be devoured by you - to be as loud and dirty and lewd as I feel. I don't recognize myself, but when I try to resist the seals on my waist burn hot. What I truly fear, though, is finding out what's inside me. I've already lost all sense of time, drowning in steaming sultry energy. As soon as one thing ends another starts without a break, again and again, never-ending... when someone whispers right in my ear, "What will you do?" Perhaps some frogs are happy to be swallowed whole, I think, and give a signal to this blue-eyed snake.

"The erotic seals on your waist feed and grow from your pleasure. You can try to satisfy your aching body, but it will only deepen your thirst."

What happens to those who have lost everything? You think about this dazedly as the blowing wind caresses you through the window in your lone room. You want to end it all. The moment you break away from that dark temptation, a horned man appears. You know neither pleasure nor joy, and when this split-tongued demon presents to you a fragrant fruit, you take it. Little do you know that it is not ordinary happiness coming your way, but erotic seals that will control you...

01. The One Brought on the Wind
02. Silken Passion
03. Laughing Snake Eyes
04. Surrender
05. Demonic Gathering 2
06. Deep Deep Deep
07. The Master's Emerald

≪Character Introduction≫
Name: Gilgames
Age: Unknown
Height: 189cm
Weight: 88kg
Looks: Blond, has two burning horns.
More skilled than his older brother, but did not become a dollmaker - wanders the lands searing for the most beautiful of jewels. The middle child of three brothers, doesn't pay much attention to others. Rough, but caring. The tip of his tongue is forked.

Gilgames: Kuki Masaru


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