(Drama CD) SWEET x SWEET - Maki Taiga (CV. Kazushige Hiroyama) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) SWEET x SWEET - Maki Taiga (CV. Kazushige Hiroyama) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date:26/01/2018
◆18+ recommended
◆Fully recorded by dummy head microphone

animate Limited Bonus: Bonus CD - Can't Wait Til We Get Home
You meet up with Taiga, who has just finished a night shift. Seeing how tired he is, you decide to call a taxi. However, the place Taiga directs the driver to is not your home... but a love hotel.

Let your beloved boyfriend pamper you nice and slow...! A deep and thorough situation CD series where the sexy loving is oh so sweet.

Introducing volume 4 of  SWEET x SWEET! 

You've come home from work, feeling tired. Waiting for you there is Maki Taiga, who is both your junior at work as well as your boyfriend. He loves you very much, and in order to make you feel better he is ready heart and soul to serve you in absolutely every way. Let your huge puppy of a boyfriend pamper you nice and slow for one night...

≪Character Introduction≫
Maki Taiga CV. Kazushige Hiroyama
Height: 180cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Police Officer
A police officer working in the city. He used to be a bit of a punk in the past, but he turned his life around when he met you. He became an officer to follow in your footsteps. You always cuddled him like he was your pet dog, and before you knew it the two of you were lovers. He's bouncy and friendly just like a big puppy, but when the two of you are alone he settles down and takes care of you.


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