(Doujin CD) slow slow XXX...2nd White (CV. Chasuke)

(Doujin CD) slow slow XXX...2nd White (CV. Chasuke)

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Release Date: 03/30/2018
※18+ Recommended
※Fully recorded via dummy head microphone
Catalog Number: WORTH-958

≪What is slow slow XXX...?≫
The theme is slow sex in these situation CDs for adult women, depicting sweet exchanges between lovers.

In the 《White》 version, let your man rejuvenate you with his passion.
In the 《Blue》 version, respond to his sweet seduction.
Both versions are to release simultaneously...

01. Title Call
02. One Tired Evening ※Same in both (White/Blue) versions
03. Refuse to be Seduced
04. Melting on the Bed
05. Just a Little...
06. Sweet Dreams

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