(Album) Millennium Mother by Mili [Regular Edition]

(Album) Millennium Mother by Mili [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 2018/04/25
Catalog Number: SNCL-18

★ Check out the teaser for Mili's 3rd Album "Millennium Mother" here ★
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20 tracks total - including "Milk" from the popular music game Deemo, YouTube hits "Mushrooms" and "MirrorMirror," and a newly arranged version of the huge hit "nine point eight" - about the dreams of an android. This premium package comes with lyrics cards featuring exclusive art that brings the aesthetic of each piece of music to life.

01: Boys in Kaleidosphere
02: Camelia
03: Summoning 101
04: Vitamins feat. world's end girlfriend
05: Lemonade
06: (Milk)
07: world.search(you);
08: Mushrooms
09: Gertrauda
11: Extension of You
12: Mirror Mirror
13: With a Billion Worldful of <3 feat. DE DE MOUSE
14: Every Other Ghost
15: Fossil
16: Rubber Human
17: Excαlibur
18: Let the Maggots Sing
19: Nine Point Eight -special edit-
20: Still Alive (Cover)

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