(Album) EMOTIONAL BLUE by Ayaka Kitazawa

(Album) EMOTIONAL BLUE by Ayaka Kitazawa

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Release Date: 05/25/2018
Catalog Number: KSLA-141

01. FirstTwinkle
02. 涙色の翼
03. Emotional Blue
04. 僕らの旅
05. 届けたいメロディ
06. そこに, きみがいるだけで。
07. Greeting Smile -すとりーと☆ふぇすた-
08. 君とのなくしもの
09. 雪に足跡
10. Gentle Jena
11. ハッピーエンドをさがしてる
12. Alicemagic ~TV animation ver. ~ covered by Ayaka Kitazawa
※Subject to change without notice.

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