(Soundtrack) Free! - Dive to the Future TV Series Original Soundtrack

(Soundtrack) Free! - Dive to the Future TV Series Original Soundtrack

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Release Date: 10/10/2018
Specifications: 2 CD Set/Kyoto Animation Exclusive Cover Art
Catalog Number: LACA-9645

Includes the BGM by Tatsuya Kato, as well as tv size versions of OP Theme Song: Heading to Over by OLDCODEX & ED Theme Song: GOLD EVOLUTION by STYLE FIVE!

▼ disc - 1
1.A youth through the water
2.Heading to Over(TV size) / OLDCODEX
3.Rhythm of new sensation
4.Why I wanna go?
5.Bounty of County
6.Urban campus life
7.Shake the stream
8.Jacaranda's view
9.Excite rider
10.Feel nostalgic
11.Crystal clear
12.Joyful wonder
13.Precious moments
14.Power of life
15.Power! High! Kick!
16.Boost factor
17.Deeper down
18.Pale blue sense
19.Seize the day
20.Three dog night
21.Offer the light
22.Sliders distance
23.Good Relationship
24.Timeless memory
25.Pillars of sand
26.Someone new
27.Starlight alliance
28.Lost me cool
29.Banding band
▼ disc - 2
1.Never seen landscapes
2.Ring the bell
3.Relate to you
4.For what?
5.Feel like myself
6.The other side
7.Lap time line
8.To great heights
9.Take you higher
10.Your plain answer
11.What you make it
12.Into the new world
13.Splash sound sights
14.Come from the depths
15.Crept up from behind
16.Blade runner
17.Future vision
18.Previously on...
19.Active beat
20.Can't take your eyes off
21.Perpetual attack
23.Stroke will go on
24. Blue Destination

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