(Drama CD) Don't Worry, I Love It All (Daijoubu, Zenbu Daisuki) CV. Haru [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) Don't Worry, I Love It All (Daijoubu, Zenbu Daisuki) CV. Haru [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 12/21/2018
18+ Recommended.
Catalog Number: CHOU-6

You arrive home feeling down after a bad day at work, to be greeted by your slightly younger adult manga artist husband, Kotori Taichi. He notices your mood, and gives you a hug at the doorway. As you eat a dinner that Taichi has cooked, and then tell him your troubles while you take a bath, you feel your spirits rise little by little.

Are you in the mood for something gentle, or something rough? It's okay, Taichi tells you, he loves it all. You may be a little awkward and negative, but Taichi is tender, intense, and a little bit kinky as he wraps you up with deep affection...

Enjoy this sexy slice-of-life love story about newly weds tucked away in a city somewhere making a snug life for two.

≪Character ≫
Kotori Taichi CV. Haru
26 years old. 172cm tall, blood type is A. Gentle and kind, he is a caring and easy-going husband. He is a little younger than you. Six months have passed since your wedding. He is a manga artist, and he creates adult-oriented porn manga under the pen name Kotorida Ichi. He is curious and willing to explore when it comes to sex. When he's in the right mood, he can be a bit of a tease. Although you get upset easily and are quick to fall into doom and gloom, he always validates you and loves you completely. He's taken to calling you "Cha-chan."

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