(Album) Reverse in Wonderland by Soraru

(Album) Reverse in Wonderland by Soraru

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Release Date: 11/28/2018
Catalog Number: TYCT-60128

The label release of the album created with Vocaloid produder YASUHIRO, originally released July 21 2017. 13 tracks total.

01. PM6: 59 -inst-
02 . Odore Orchestra
03. Tsutsumi Kakushi Hero
04. Reverse in Wonderland
05. Mr. Kran
06. Lost Pond
07. Gateau Avec Trois
08. Hitori Bocchi Ookami
09. Kyuuseishu wa Inakatta
10. Shoukei Ningyohime
11. Hope Snow
12. Nagareboshi ni Negai wo Nosete -inst-
13. Reirou Ryuuseigun

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