(Drama CD) Extreme Circumstances (Kyokugen Joutai) - engagement (CV. Shinsen Ryoku) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Extreme Circumstances (Kyokugen Joutai) - engagement (CV. Shinsen Ryoku) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 12/26/2018
※18+ Recommended.
◆Recorded via dummy head microphone.
Specifications: Main Feature CD + Bonus Disc

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Bonus Disc - The Future We Swore On Last Night
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It's the third installment of the "Extreme Circumstances" situation CD series, where you and your man are put in extreme scenarios!

You and your man are in an extreme circumstance... the two of you are on the battlefield, near death, in this ultimate situation CD

"I'd have no last regrets. Not if I could touch you, just for a night..."

It is the year 1917, and England is in the grip of World War I...

You are the eldest daughter of an earl. At a dinner party, you meet for the very first time your fiancee Lawrence. It was arranged by your families, and you are anxious, but Lawrence's gentle character leaves you with a good impression.

However, all too soon, Lawrence becomes a soldier and is thrown into the battlefront. You volunteer as a field nurse, where you are able to reconnect with an injured Lawrence and his best friend Archibald. However, the next day, you are raided by the enemy and are tormented by a great loss...

01. Prologue
02. Meeting Again on the Battlefront
03. Jealousy in the Dark
04. A Heart Broken by Sorrow
05. Entrust Our Futures to a Ring
06. I Just Wanted to See You
07. Whispering Love in the Secret Room

≪Character ≫
Lawrence Murdoch cv: Shinsen Ryoku
23 years old. 185cm. Slender. The son of a rural businessman. Wise and gentle since childhood. An introvert, dislikes being put in social situations. Zero experience with love or sex. During his college years, an engagement between the two of you is arranged. At the dinner party thrown to introduce the two of you, he fell in love with you at first sight. However, the evening ended without anything actually happening between the two of you. After that he volunteered to join the army and, with his father's blessing, took leave from college to be sent to the battlefront.

Archibald Clayson
23 years old. 185cm. Muscular and healthy, good looking man. The typical "popular with women" type. Son of wealthy London elites. Athletic and clever. Bright and cheerful. He and Lawrence met in college and became best friends. Several days after Lawrence joined the army, he signed up too, both out of patriotic duty and for the prestige.

Shinsen Ryoku

(C) 2018 アイリスクォーツ

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