(Album) Otogi by Eve [animate Edition, First Run Limited Edition]

(Album) Otogi by Eve [animate Edition, First Run Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 02/06/2019
Specifications: CD + DVD + Bonus CD
Catalog Number: TFCP-86666

Packaged Bonus: Alternate Jacket (1 random from 2 types total)

Packaged Bonus: Bonus Acoustic Cover CD

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It's the eagerly anticipated new album from influential internet singer and songwriter Eve!

"Otogi" features 11 tracks, including the previously released "Outsider,"  "Tokyo Ghetto" and "Ambivalent," plus two instrumentals.

01. slumber
02.Tokyo Ghetto
03. Outsider
04. Mayoigo
05. Yadorigi
06. Ambivalent
07. Kaede
08. Last Dance
09. Bokura Mada Underground
10. Kimi ni Sekai
11. dawn
◆Tokyo Ghetto
Last Dance

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