(Drama CD) Eternal Triangle: Pursued By Your Big and Little Brothers (Ani to Otouto ni Semerarete) (CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku)

(Drama CD) Eternal Triangle: Pursued By Your Big and Little Brothers (Ani to Otouto ni Semerarete) (CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku)

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Release Date: 01/09/2019
◆Binarual Title (Dummy Head Microphone)
Catalog Number: CHBL-28

animate Bonus: Bonus CD - Alone With Little Brother
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Takuma, you and Kyouhei are siblings who get on very well. Up until recently, the three of you used to hang out all the time. But, ever since Takuya and Kyouhei left home, things have been a little distant between you. You feel lonely without your two brothers, who were always by your side. Just then, Takuma contacts you, proposing the three of you go on a drive together. You enjoy a wonderful day with your siblings - the first time in so long you've been able to get together without any outsiders - but on the way back, something goes wrong with the car... and the three of you end up having to rush to book a night at a nearby Japanese inn. And there, you learn a secret that your two brothers had been hiding all this time...

Track 1 The Three of You on a Drive
Track 2 Siblings Only
Track 3 Unexpected Trouble
Track 4 The Brothers' Secret
Track 5 Persistant Takuma
Track 6 Pleading Kyouhei
Track 7 Who Will You Choose?

Takuma. 23 years old. Working adult. Your big brother. Moved out to live alone after graduating university. Loves cars. Usually comes off as a cool guy, but is actually very caring and kind (especially to you). Serious, the type to get trapped in his own thoughts - but once he's broken through, nothing can shake him.

Kyouhei. 19 years old. 1st year university student. Your little brother. Moved into student accommodation when he began university. Everyone, himself included, knows he has a sister complex. He acts and speaks a little more immature when he's around you. Despite the fact that he doesn't like studying, and even skips class sometimes, he has the knack of still somehow managing to get good grades.

Fuyuno Kumaniku

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