(Drama CD) Clean and Dirty (Kiyoraka de Midara) (CV. Girigi Lee) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) Clean and Dirty (Kiyoraka de Midara) (CV. Girigi Lee) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 01/25/2019
※18+ Recommended.
Catalog Number: CHOU-7

One evening, you find yourself visited by a strange man. "Good evening," he says. "Thank you for supporting Delivery Host Club: Pinky Heart. I am Masaki, your host for tonight."

However, you have no memory of having requested a delivery host. You try to tell that to Masaki...

"I know, that's the backstory to the scene you ordered. Don't worry, I have you covered."

And so, you find yourself being pushed into your room, where your body is treated to a mystery "service as ordered"...

≪Character ≫
Masaki Kentaro
Professional Name: Masaki
Age: 28
Height: 179㎝

A host who works for Delivery Host Club: Pinky Heart. He is very popular due to his good looks and gentleman-like conduct. He has always been well liked among both men and women, but he knows it is based on appearances, and he has a strong desire to be seen for who he is inside. He began this job when he was still in college, upon a recommendation from an older student. In the beginning he was sort of just going with the flow, but he came to wonder if being needed by women was the meaning of life. And so, he changed tracks from host to delivery host.

Girigi Lee


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