(Drama CD) ESCAPE BELL CASE. Reiji (CV. Chasuke) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) ESCAPE BELL CASE. Reiji (CV. Chasuke) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 03/13/2019
◆BL/Yaoi Genre
Catalog Number: FACA-290

Presenting volume 1 of an original BLCD series set in a world steeped in suspense and psychosis: Drug User Neighbor Reiji.

"Don't worry. The drug will kick in soon. You'll feel so good..."

After Kaito dropped out of high school, he got a part time job at a bar. He doesn't see much of a future for himself. One day on his way home from work, he is nearly attacked by a stalker - and in the struggle, he accidentally kills the man. When he tries to escape the scene, he encounters a former neighbor - Reiji - who agrees to shelter him. But when Kaito decides to give himself in, Reiji gives him a drug from a religious cult...

1. Crime
2. I'll Protect You
3. Secret Drug
4. White Room
5. Liaison
6. Warmth
7. Nightmare
8. I Love You
9. Eternal Happiness

≪Character ≫
■Aizawa Kaito CV. Irakusa Netoru
Although he was born and raised in wealth, when he was in high school his father went bankrupt and disappeared. When his mother also vanished with a boyfriend overnight, his family fell apart. Lives a modest life on part time work. His father had been a workaholic and his mother had been an adulterous money waster, so he never knew much of familial love. A lonely man of few words.

■Takatsuki Reiji CV. Chasuke
Lived in the condo next door to Kaito when his family was wealthy. The manager of a real estate business. Has held an interest in Kaito since they were neighbors. He usually seems like a kind and intellectual person, but the truth is he indulges in drugs and sometimes speaks and acts in bizarre ways. He is a member of a certain religious cult.

CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku
A stalker who is after Kaito.

Aizawa Kaito: Irakusa Netoru
Takatsuki Reiji : Chasuke
Stalker: Fuyuno Kumaniku


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