(Doujin CD) slow slow XXX... 3rd White (CV. Tetrapod Noboru)

(Doujin CD) slow slow XXX... 3rd White (CV. Tetrapod Noboru)

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Release Date: 03/22/2019
※18+ Recommended.
◆Recorded via dummy head microphone.
Catalog Number: WORTH-1246

Presenting the 3rd installment in the highly popular "slow slow XXX..." series, and the 17th original CD from Stellaworth! The theme is slow sex. Rejuvenate yourself with your boyfriend's lovemaking in this situation CD for adult women.

~White ver~
One weekend, you go to stay at your boyfriend Ryusei's house. It has been a while since you stayed over, and Ryusei is playful and ready for some serious lovemaking. You, on the other hand, are tired from your week... The night wears on, and once you finish your bath you return to the living room to find your boyfriend waiting to seduce you...

"Let's go all out today, okay? I mean, we have tomorrow off... and it's been a while, yeah?"
"Let's go to bed. Hey..."

You really want to respond to Ryusei's advances, but you are just too tired.

"...How about we sleep together for now. Oh, not that kind of sleeping together. I mean actually sleep... you get me right?"
"Okay, to bed then... oh. Is there something you want me to do first?"

Melt under your boyfriend's sweet massage in the 《White》 version♪

・Track 1: Title Call
・Track 2: One Tired Evening ※Same in both versions (White/Purple)
・Track 3: Reject His Advances
・Track 4: Relaxed on the Bed
・Track 5: Just a Little...
・Track 6: Goodnight

Tetrapod Noboru

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