(Doujin CD) Apex predator: Urgency (Kyuuhaku) (CV. Shimauma Danshaku)

(Doujin CD) Apex predator: Urgency (Kyuuhaku) (CV. Shimauma Danshaku)

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Release Date: 05/31/201906/30/2019
※18+ Recommended.

Employed by the number one funeral group in the country is a man who spends his days working with people who have grown cold. He is in charge of this place. One day, he learns the dark secret of this group: they catch women, and bring them to a cruel and tragic end. The next target is to be... his younger cousin.

"Right about now, your corpse is nothing but bones..."

Presenting volume 4 of the Apex predator Series: the loss of justice.

≪Character ≫
Minami Kanade (CV. Shimauma Danshaku)
38. Works at a funeral home. Discreet about everything. Stubborn: will not stop until he has accomplished his task in full. However, ever since a certain incident he has been in constant fear of something. Sticks to his own guns intensely.

Minami Kanade: CV. Shimauma Danshaku

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