(Drama CD) Masquerade Chapter 2: Justice (Seigi) (CV. Kawamura Masato) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) Masquerade Chapter 2: Justice (Seigi) (CV. Kawamura Masato) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 04/26/2019
※18+ Recommended.
Catalog Number: HBGL-17

"To protect you I shall put everything on the line: my body, my soul, my pride."

You are a daughter of the Aldonato dukedom of the Kingdom of Tiria, and it has been decided that you will marry into the royal family of a neighboring kingdom, the Laurus. A masquerade ball, which is all the rage these days, is being held to celebrate your marriage. It is a gorgeous night, where the men and women in their masks and dazzling dress are cloaked in an atmosphere of secrecy. It is meant to be your last fun memory as a free maiden...

Suddenly, commoners who are dissatisfied with the ball break in and chaos ensues. You escape into an antechamber, where you find the duke--your father--collapsed and covered in blood... along with his red-handed younger half-brother, Leo.

※This CD contains two types of epilogues. Pick and enjoy the ending you desire.
※This series is comprised of three volumes. Each CD is stand-alone and can be enjoyed independently, however, we encourage you to enjoy all three volumes of the full connected story.

≪Character ≫
Clovis Orlandi (CV. Kawamura Masato)
The second son of the Orlandi knightdom, and captain of the imperial guards who protect the Aldonato dukedom. He was entered into the imperial guards due to his birthright, which meant he has been visiting the dukedom since he was young. As such, he was your childhood friend, and often played with and took care of your eight-years-younger self. No traces of that old self remain today: he serves as a strict and rigid knight, and is harsh when he gives you warnings.

Clovis Orlandi: CV. Kawamura Masato


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