(Drama CD) Kurayami Gatari: Youen Ibun (CV. Kenjiro Tsuda)

(Drama CD) Kurayami Gatari: Youen Ibun (CV. Kenjiro Tsuda)

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Release Date: 07/25/2012
Catalog Number: KDSD-575

From the people who brought you the hugely popular Kindan Vampire series comes a brand new situation CD: a bewitching and frightening one-man ghost story!

Featuring the outstanding acting skills of Kenjiro Tsuda recorded using a dummy head microphone, which is so realistic that you will feel him sitting right by you as he speaks. You will find yourself gasp in both terror and delight as his fascinating voice draws you in.

The cover features gorgeous art especially drawn by the popular Kirinosuke!

It is the Taisho period. They say there is a storyteller who can exorcise evil spirits with his tales. Rokujo Yuuya is his name, and his bewitching voice draws people into a trance as they listen to his bizarre and beautiful tales. He has a new story for you, a woman who has found herself entangled in a mysterious incident.

"...I will exorcise you... with my story... and the price will be... paid with your lips."

01. The Bewitching Storyteller
02. Rokujo Yuuya Begins His Tale
03. One Darkness
04. Shrine Forest
05. Interlude
06. The Love of Souji and Haru
07. Another Darkness
08. The Blooming Crimson, the Falling Peony
09. Nobody Understands
10. She Visits
11. Peel Back the Darkness
12. Free Talk: Willful Gatari

Kenjiro Tsuda

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