(Doujin Game) Miracle No-ton Complete Box Set [Bargain Edition]

(Doujin Game) Miracle No-ton Complete Box Set [Bargain Edition]

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Release Date: October 2016
Specifications: DVD-ROM (Set of 3, for PC use) + CD-ROM (Drama CD)

■ Miracle No-ton Series
・ Miracle No-ton
・ Miracle No-ton: Tadaima Zouryou Chuu!
・ Miracle No-ton: Negai o Buchikonde!

This box set contains Windows 10 compatible versions of all the above Miracle No-ton Series titles! With a brand new box art, this package is great value! If you haven't experienced the Miracle No-ton Series yet, now is your chance!!

No-ton: Shihara Haruka
Ogata Akira: Sakurai Masato
Ogata Kouki: Murakami Tatsuya
Shimomura Seiji: Bombaye
Saitou Masaomi: Nakagawa Yoichi


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