(Doujinshi) Tenshi na Kimi ni Akuma na Boku

(Doujinshi) Tenshi na Kimi ni Akuma na Boku

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Original Work: Yowamushi Pedal
Relationship(s): Toudou x Makishima, Uke!Makishima
Author: Takahashi Yuu
Release Date (Release Event): 07/17/2017
Genre: Fancomic

Angel!Toudou/devil!Makishima AU. A gang of OC street thugs hurt and attempt to rape Maki-chan, and there are some depictions of blood - about the level of a spray of blood, no graphic wounds are depicted. The OCs who hurt Maki-chan get what's coming to them straight away. TouMaki feel the same way about each other, but they aren't dating. On the whole it's the usual TouMaki dynamic, but there are AU elements so be warned.

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