(DVD) Swim! (Dansui!) TV Drama - Last Volume

(DVD) Swim! (Dansui!) TV Drama - Last Volume

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Release Date:4/12/17
Catalog number:VPBX-14578

A miraculous line-up of 2.5D stage all-stars! The curtains raise on a new story of pure and passionate high school boys and their swimming races!

"I want to swim even faster!"

That is the pure dream that Shuuhei, Daiki and Reo share. But when they are selected to undertake the examination for the prestigious private Ryuhou High School, famous in the world of swimming, that genuineness leads them into pain...

One of them heads off for the prestigious private Ryuhou High School Swim Club... and the other two end up in the on-the-verge-of-abolishment Higashigaoka Public High School Swim Club.

Though the three of them thought their days together were over, when a swimmer they had once admired, Ryoya Kawasaki, appears to take up as the coach of Higashigaoka High Swim Club, their fates begin to change drastically...

Episodes #4-8 + Bonus Footage

Ryo Matsuda
Shuto Miyazaki
Shintaro Anzai
Tomoru Akazawa
Hisanori Sato
Ren Ozawa
Mario Kuroba
Ryosuke Ikeoka
Keisuke Kaminaga
Tomoki Hirose


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