(DVD) 2.5 Jigen Danshi Oshi TV Series DVD Vol.2

(DVD) 2.5 Jigen Danshi Oshi TV Series DVD Vol.2

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Release Date:29/11/2017
Catalog Number: TCED-3709

Packaged Bonus: Leaflet feat. Stills #4~6

The super popular program aired on WOWOW is now on video! The first host, Hiroki Suzuki, presents fascinating points from all angles of young actors active in the world of 2.5D stage plays and musicals!

2.5D musicals, created based on manga anime and games, are growing in number and expanding in popularity. Popular actor Hiroki Suzuki, a gifted mover and shaker in the 2.5D musical world, lends his talents as a host for this television program. Each month an actor involved in 2.5D musicals joins him as a guest - and you get to see their more private sides off-stage. During these limited breaks between acting work, the camera captures their fascinating personalities - what they've chosen, and why. What's more, in order to level up as an actor, each month Suzuki also engages in a Regular Corner. Don't miss this opportunity to see private faces of the 2.5D musical stars you'll never see on stage.

◆Main Feature
#4 Keisuke Ueda: 10 Years and the Sound of Waves

#5 Tomoki Hirose Takes No Breaks

#6 Tsubasa Sakiyama's Walking Style

◆Bonus Feature
WEB Broadcast Unreleased Scenes Re-edited Edition

Host: Hiroki Suzuki
Keisuke Ueda (#4)
Tomoki Hirose (#5)
Tsubasa Sakiyama (#6)
Corner Guest:
Kazuho So (#6)

(C)2017 WOWOW INC.

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