(Blu-ray) AD-LIVE 2017 Stage Production Vol.3 Tomokazu Seki x Wataru Hatano

(Blu-ray) AD-LIVE 2017 Stage Production Vol.3 Tomokazu Seki x Wataru Hatano

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Release Date:28/03/2018

Specification: Main Feature 2 Disc Set
Catalog Number: ANSX-10105

The ad-lib stage play produced by Kenichi Suzumura and performed at the Olympus Hall Hachioji on September 16, AD-LIVE 2017, (starring Tomokazu Seki and Wataru Hatano) is now out on Blu-ray and DVD! This two disc set includes both the daytime and evening performances.

≪What is AD-LIVE?≫
90 minutes of unpredictable shenanigans! With only the general setting and a few events (eg. the phone ringing, someone coming in) planned, in this 90 minute stage play everything from the actor's characters (roles) to their lines is all completely ad-libbed. They first find out about each other's characters right there on stage.

Shocking and moving drama! The unexpected ad-libbed components react with the few previously decided events to create a moving, dynamic drama that can only exist on that day, in that moment, at that spot. 

The theme for AD-LIVE 2017 is "Secret."

Secrets are things we all carry with us. Things some of us live with our whole lives, and take to our graves. Things that are sometimes unexpectedly exposed, with the potential to bring either joy or pain. Our world is brimming with secrets. The two men who have gathered for AD-LIVE 2017 both have their own secrets. They both only know the vaguest setup: the secrets they themselves bear, and their relationship to each other. As the story develops further, a new secret is revealed to them. Will they be able to use these secrets cleverly, and see the story to its conclusion?

AD-LIVE 2017: an ambitious project, where each performance features a new setting and scenario! Enjoy this completely ad-libbed stage play where for 90 miraculous minutes nobody knows what will happen that day, that place, that moment! 

◆Footage of Olympus Hall Hachioji 9/16 Show, both daytime & evening performances
◆Deluxe Booklet
◆Audio Commentary (Evening Performance)
◆Bonus Footage (commercial & promo vid compilation) ※Same content in every volume

※Content subject to change without notice.

[Tokyo Show: Olympus Hall Hachiōji September 16 (Sat)]
Tomokazu Seki
Wataru Hatano

(C)AD-LIVE Project

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